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Guide to the Fly Fishing Museum of the Southern Appalachians

Western North Carolina is a hub for anyone wanting to experience a host of outdoor recreation. It's only natural to want to recognize those activities and a museum in Bryson City, North Carolina has found a way. The Fly Fishing Museum of the Southern Appalachians sits along the Tuckasegee River and pays homage to fly fishing as well as the evolution of the sport. This museum features exhibits, videos, events and nearby aquariums, making it one of the best Bryson City attractions. Venture out of your stayNantahala cabin and head to Bryson City to experience this unique museum.

Where is the Fly Fishing Museum of the Southern Appalachians?

The Fly Fishing Museum of the Southern Applachians is about 35 miles northeast of Nantahala Lake in downtown Bryson City. It also sits at the gateway of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The address is 210 Main Street, Bryson City, NC.

Fly Fishing Museum of the Southern Appalachians Admission
The museum is free to all visitors but does welcome donations.

Fly Fishing Museum of the Southern Appalachians' Hours
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday; 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday

Museum Exhibits and Videos

Fly Fishing Museum of the Southern Appalachians features a lot of unique exhibits. You'll learn about the Stream Blazers, a group of local fly fishermen. Displays also include a hand-built drift boat, fly fishermen gear, the evolution of fly fishermen gear and various fly fishing spots in the Southern Appalachians. There is a short video conversation with the late Cato Holler, founder of the NC Council Trout Unlimited. Holler, an early advocate for stream management, tells some stories and demonstrates the proper way to catch and release fish. There are other videos that are in rotation that tell various fishing tales. To learn more about all that's on display, check out the museum's website.

Fly Fishing Museum of the Southern Appalachians Hall of Fame

Each year, the museum inducts various people who contribute to the fly fishing community. Each person is inducted in November. To learn more about who is in the hall of fame, check out the museum's website.

Appalachian Rivers Aquarium

The Appalachian Rivers Aquarium, 117 Island St., Bryson City, NC, is across the river from the museum and offers exhibits on many regional species in 14 tanks.Some of the animals on display include fish, frogs, turtles and salamanders. Other species include various darters, sculpins, shiners and chubs, all of which are non-game stream species. There is a mountain stream exhibit that features a waterfall from the second story into a tank. This exhibit features various trout among its three tanks. The aquarium is free and donations are welcome. Hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thursdays through Saturday. Website

Reviews of the Fly Fishing Museum of the Southern Appalachians

Visitors to the fly fishing museum generally love their experience. On Google, the museum garnered 4.5 stars out of 5. Here are some five-star reviews on the museum.

"Great little museum with plenty to look at, read and absorb. Really loved seeing the intricacies and varieties of the flies. Great stop here!" Laura Meeks

"This is a must-see place in Bryson City, North Carolina. It is free admission but I highly recommend a donation. This place was just a beautiful walk in the history of fly fishing. People who are not even into fishing will enjoy this small museum. Very well located." Gokhan Cukurova

"A great place to visit for all things fly fishing! I am glad to have such a historical place in our little mountain town of Bryson City! There have been many significant contributions to the sport of fly fishing on a global scale from passionate fly anglers from the Appalachians! A must-visit for visiting fly fishers!" Mac Brown

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