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Visiting Nantahala National Forest

One of the reasons Nantahala Lake is so beautiful is the surrounding backdrop of Nantahala National Forest. When you vacation at one of stayNantahala's cabins, you get a full experience of the forest. On top of being a gorgeous natural setting, Nantahala National Forest also features many fun things to do to further enhance your cabin vacation. From hiking to fishing, there is no shortage of activities to do in this luscious forest.

Where is Nantahala National Forest?

Nantahala National Forest comprises nearly the entire western tip of North Carolina. It runs up on the Georgia and South Carolina borders to the south; Tennessee to the west; Great Smoky Mountains National Park to the north; and the Blue Ridge Parkway to the east.

What Makes Nantahala National Forest Unique?

Nantahala National Forest is the largest of North Carolina's four national forests. It houses 531,148 acres and features an elevation range of 1,200 feet to 5,800 feet above sea level. There are three districts in the forest: Cheoah in Robbinsville, NC; Tusquitee in Murphy, NC; and Nantahala in Franklin, NC. Nantahala National Forest is a great place to go for those looking to enjoy outdoor recreational activities. With Nantahala Lake sitting in the center of the forest, stayNantahala cabin visitors don't have to go far to enjoy the forest.

Waterfalls in Nantahala National Forest

There's a lot of beauty in the Nantahala National Forest but a group that attracts a lot of visitors are the various waterfalls. Many of these falls require hikes to reach but the journey is truly a sight to behold. Some of the more popular waterfalls include Whitewater Falls, Schoolhouse Falls, Silver Run Falls, Mingo Falls and Bridal Veil Falls. This is just a sampling of the various waterfalls strewn about the forest. Be sure to add visiting these waterfalls to your list of things to do in Nantahala National Forest. Some waterfalls that are close to your stayNantahala cabin include Rufus Morgan Falls, Burningtown Falls and Leathertown Falls.

Hiking in Nantahala National Forest

Hiking is a great way to see all the beauty of Nantahala National Forest. While waterfalls are a popular destination among hikers, it isn't the only natural landmark in the forest. You can take a trip into the forest to do some bird watching or you can venture to the top of one of western North Carolina's mountains. Either way, there is no shortage of trails to visit. When renting a stayNantahala cabin, there are many trails close to your front door. These include Chunky Gal, Rufus Morgan, Kinsey Creek and Bartram trails.

Fishing in Nantahala National Forest

The trees and mountains aren't the only part that makes Nantahala National Forest a natural gem. There are plenty of rivers, creeks and lakes to drop in a line and spend the day fishing. You can either fish from the shore, try your hand at fly fishing or rent a boat to go fishing on one of the many lakes. While Nantahala Lake and River are the closest spots to fish for stayNantahala cabin renters, there are plenty of other spots to check out. Some of these include Jack Rabbit Fishing Area, Santeetlah Lake, Fontana Lake and many other rivers and creeks in the area.

Other Activities to Enjoy in Nantahala National Forest

Nantahala National Forest offers a lot of great things to do, perfect for the entire family. You could take it easy by taking time to go picnicking or nature viewing. If you're looking to go exploring, consider one of the biking, horse riding or off-road vehicle trails. If you're looking for a way to explore without doing too much, there are plenty of scenic drives worth visiting. If you're visiting the forest during the summer, you can take a boat onto one of the lakes, go river rafting or partake in a host of other water activities. Regardless of what you do, stayNantahala offers some centrally-located cabins on the shores of Nantahala Lake, a perfect nexus for your forest adventures.

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